Thursday, 21 August 2008

So what else is new?

"Qur’an Teacher Accused Of Child Abuse in the Maldives", my first thought was, well, what else is new?

People in power abusing the Maldivian children has almost become a norm now. Yeah, there are the few people who make a few noise when the case is initially known. I just wonder how many people follow through a case? Is it that Maldivian memory is so short lived that people forget that easily? or are we in denial or better yet, people are forgiving (not likely!).

This is a serious issue, the legal system needs to be more consistent and take these crimes more seriously (I don't mean to say, get your pitchforks and go on a witch hunt). I simply mean to say, do justice by the victims, don't victimise them anymore.

I should stop right there and not go into the whole, mudhinbe's and edhurubey's are saintly bid. Also not go into, how you shouldn't cross your Quran teacher no matter what. For that matter, also not question your tuition teacher. ( I wonder how many children Naseem sir is tutoring these days! - oh yeah I hear he is back teaching)

For the love of GOD! what is wrong with us? why do we keep putting up these child molesters and abusers? bloody hell, why the heck am I spending time writing this blog, without getting out there and doing something about it...

ok my rants done ........ for now