Sunday, 27 July 2008

Independence Day or just the 26th of July???

All of yesterday, I waited for something special. That special feeling of independence and freedom. Boy was I disappointed! Pretty stupid of me to have any expectations isn’t it? As a kid, this was one of the holidays that I most looked forward to, all that preparation, going to galolhu dhandu and having fun. When I was old enough I always participated in one of the ‘acts’ of entertainment. Somehow it made me proud to be a Maldivian. I had pride in my Nation. Which is far from what most people feel today.

Nowadays the celebration it self has become a private show for Gayoom, the public no longer able to participate and celebrate. Strictly in my opinion this happened way back when he refused to have it in Galolhu Stadium. And from the sounds of things, yesterday’s celebration was solely meant for him. What a pity!

So why are we still celebrating Independence Day? Is it still relevant? Do we still feel independent? Sure it was some sort of mark in History when Nasir signed the agreement or release or whatever from the British. But these days all I hear from the opposition is the call for the BRITISH to get involved in Maldivian affairs. We are lucky if its only the British who are involved! And then on the other hand we have Gayoom playing his cards to impress these countries. Is this what we call independence? The older child trying to appease the parent, and the younger sibling crying for milk. What a state our independence is in!

I say we get rid of the Independence Day and start looking forward to celebrating a Freedom Day instead. I am not saying its gonna happen any time soon, but I can keep hoping can’t I?

Friday, 11 July 2008

My ignorant political ramblings

"My dear and old country, here we are once again together faced with a heavy trial" I saw that quote somewhere and thought, how true!

This time, the public is the jury. we supposedly get to choose our own future (wow, even the thought of that kind of freedom gives me goosebumps) but lets assume, we get a free and fair election. Do we really have a choice? is it a case of the lesser evils out of the evils? or is there something better out there for us this time.

what happens if ;

DRP gets into power? well, nothing exactly right? everything will be the same as now. No big changes. Are the people any better off? nope not really, but we do know whats in store for us. Since we know, we can be ready and more prepared. (but would that really get us anywhere?) And yeah, we would still be under the same brutal dictator ship. Time for change? Hell yeah!

What about MDP? hehehhehehe, I don't know, even the thought of MDP getting into power tickles my funny bone. They are not organised, too many people from the Party wants to be in power - wants to be the president. Anni doesn't look or come through as a strong personality. If he was, he should have been able to keep people together instead, or atleast his own party in order. I personally don't see any charisma or political maturity in MDP. Yes, it was good fun when they stood ground and tried to give people a voice. very well done, people got the opportunity to vent out the anger. now people are over that, they want to move on, but MDP still seems to be stuck slinging mud at others. This is time for good policy, not name calling. this is the time to show your strenght and your belief in people, which I am not seeing. the lack of transparency, lack of planning and lack of leadership has turned me off MDP. then again I was never turned on by MDP

HMMM Adhalath. good thing they are not running a polical party, otherwise we would be done for! They are strong, united, and has got plenty of charisma. (otherwise we woudn't see the rapid changes we have seen in the last few years). They are transparent in what they want to achieve, but is that good for the country? hehehe I don't think so! Plus politics and religion make an explosive mix. But, just becuase they are not in the running this time, don't forget about them, they are a force to be reckoned with. If I were you I'd keep an eye...

IDP hmmm yeah - they do have some good policies. But some really bad ones too. And the leader plain sux! Nothing more to say

Gaumee Itthihaad - HEHHEHEHEHHEHEHHHEHHEHE HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA HOOOO HO HHO HO HO. was that too much? ok, one more thing, having PhD's and MBBS doesn't qualify people to run countries!

There are other parties, but I can't be botheres anymore. I think I have rambled on enough...