Sunday, 30 September 2007

Has it all come down to bombs...?

I may be already jumping to conclusions in this entry, becuase as such nobody knows that who was behind the attack. But since this is my blog, I just want to went out my thoughts at this stage.
I have to say that I was not particularly shocked or suprised when I heard of a bomb going off in Sultan Park. And most of all, the terror attack was targeted at tourists! (at that it occured on the anniversay of the battle of Badr)
Terrorist factions have been growing quitely but steadily since maybe even before the political unsteability. I wouldn't insult muslims by calling them islamists or islamic fundamentalists or even islamic terorrists. these people don't deserve to be associated with Islam.
As I pointed in my last post, people are using religion or all sorts of things and reasons. We have a political leader who doesn't hesitate to use religion as a tool in his games, and then there is MDP, who plays the same at the same tactics. And lets not even mention Adhalath.
When are we going to wake up out of this slumber? Break out of this taboo? Damn in people, its time to start talking about religion and discussing issues now. Its time to educate ourselves.

Time to stop listening to Fake Sheikhs and make believe laws. Its time to listen to Allahs command. The first verse according to my limited knowledge is 'Iqrau', "kiyavaashey" wasn't it. So why don't we start!!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

In the name of Allah....

As muslims when we do something we always say

"In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful".

I am just wondering and curious as to, what exactly should we do in Allah(SWT).

Is it right to kill innocent human beings in the name of Allah (SWT) or is it an injustice and a crime done? How can you justify these killings or jihads, where innocent lives are taken away??

The Allah(swt) I am familiar with is the most gracious and the most merciful of all. So where do these 'terrorsits' get off saying that they are doing this for Allah(swt) and for Islam???

And more disturbingly, how did the Taliban or what did the Taliban get off on, when they committed those atrocities against women and children in Afghanistan??
To keep it close to home, where do some of these self proclaimed "sheiks" get off on telling women what to do, what to not to do, how to speak, how not to speak, where to walk, where to sleep, and bla bla bla in the Name of Islam and Allah(swt?). How do they justify it??
And least but not last, WHAT ABOUT YOU??? How do you justify to yourself, that;

1) it is alright for an adult male to marry a girl child? (would you stand back if that was your little girl?)

2) that is is alright for women to sleep on the floor while the husband gets the bed - because a wife should never be in the same category as their husband?

3)it is alright to lock your wife and children in the house, in case they dared to show their face? who is responsible, in case of a fire and they suffocate to death?

I could go on and on. I just don't understand how people justify these by using or rather abusing Islam. And most of all, why are people turnig a blind eye to this??


Why I haven't updated my blog

Few people asked me why I wasn't updating my blog.

Well, I have been busy and my time is rather limited these days. But the main reason, it, there is too much to write about, and I have no idea how to put my thoughts into words these days!

I'll start trying again, and thanks for the support