Monday, 30 June 2008

Clueless about constitution(s)!!!!

I am the first to admit that I am totally clueless and out of touch with current affairs. But I did start reading up on the usual goss sites, and kept coming across 'new constitution'. It got a bit confusing for me ... and here is why

wasn't it sometime back that there was this big hoo haa about this 'new one' about being the same ol' old one? Wasn't it becuase our dear old president wanted to run for election again?? and I remember MDP making a huge fuss about it. You can understand my confusion when I saw 'new constitution' in three or more headlines in DO itself!

Some one clue me in, what the heck is happening now? Do we have a new constitution or do we still have the old one which has been ammeded.

man, remind me never to drop off the face of blogsphere again!

oh yeah , my e-mail add is, I changed it ages ago, but still get some to my old old old inbox, which i never check!