Monday, 8 January 2007


I always wondered what role women would play in politics in this new era of political turmoil. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Women have been like bubble. you know they are nice to look at and play with and then POP off they go.
In MDP, there have been a few. lets see, Jennifer rose to the horizon in the beggining, got herself arrested. there was talk for a few days or so, then interest in her waned off, atleast locally. There were no big banners or campaigns run on DO or MDP to release Jennfer or a website. Now that she is back on the scene still making only tiny waves. Don't forget Maria. She rose to the surface like the purrrfect bubble and now has gone "pop", anybody know what she is upto and where she is? and lets not mention Shehy, it was too fast a process to analyse.Look I am just a normal average Maldivian, I only know as much as the next person. If there were other women, they worked too much from behind the scenes.
Did you know that this Phenomena is not limited to only MDP? DRP is about the same. Ofcourse more protection is there. But lets see Mazeena is off and you hardly hear about Dhiyana. maybe you hear a little bit about Azima. but thats about it.
to put the coffin in the nail, DO or its writers seem to think that, calling males by a female name is an insult. for example, Jameela and latheefa. These are perfectly good names, nothing wrong with. Why should it be made to an insult? are you insulting the people of the names? or perhaps the gender? You have to think twice if it is the male gender you are insulting!
I can't put my finger on this whole thing, but there is something seriously wrong here. will ponder more on this
peace out