Wednesday, 24 January 2007

The hoohaa about Drug Rehabilitation

Now that I am out of my blues, I just realised how politicised drug rehabilitation has become.

You have to ask the question, is it really that an American company has taken over , the length or something thing else? I think I will go with that 'something else' for now, but before that lets have a look at it...

People who have a problem with Americans taking over and imposing an american model,... think again, and know your stuff. Drug Rehabilitation Center in Himmafushi has been running the Therapeutic Model (TC) for the past few years. TC is a PURE American model. And guess what, the Co-ordinator Ali Shareef with another staff was directly trained in America by DAYTOP. And several counsellors were trained in Malysia (Pengasih)in this model , and couple more in Singapore (Pertapis) and yet a few more in Maldives itself by the Americans. So you have to think twice before you start the witch hunt, don't you think?

And if you think, that religion is going to be pushed out, I feel sorry for you. First of all, religion is a very persoanl thing, something between you and God. The other thing, the center has a mosque. Nobody can stop you from praying. and I seriously doubt that anyone is going to start up a church service in the mosque. Folks! get over you christinophobia!!!

The amount of money being spent on a client each month, That is suspiciously large. I do have my own reservations on that, and yeah the time period is a killing. You can't seriously think about giving it away for that long, I mean I am all for it for 5 years, heck een 10 year. In a field like rehabilitation, you need that much time to see if a program is working or not.

Hmmmm, I seriously wonder, whether NNCB as the governing and monitering authorty has the capacity to do so.

When I imagine NNCB I always picture a lot of puppets running amok, with their strings all knotted up.

This diameriCENAPS might be the best thing that is about to happen or the worst nightmare for Drug Rehabilitation for Maldives. Fingers crossed