Thursday, 11 January 2007

Only in Maldives

I was having Tea With Zues in Cloud 9 (apparently his favourite hangout). Our usual Wednesday morning brunch, when he pointed a little place on Earth called Maldives. He was amused. I looked down as saw a poorly dressed old man limping making rounds in a flash neighbourhood of Male'. All he had on him was a book and a "fanny Pack". I looked closer to at Zues' object of amusement. Af first glance there was nothing funny or remotely amusing about him or his actions. If you asked me it was rather pathetic and I said so. Zeus said, Look closely and listen to him. The next house he entered, he asked the lady of the house for a donation towards his son's medical bills. She inquired more information. He seemed mostly at loss to explain, showed her the book. it was full of names and addresses and amounts, which I assume is money pledged or donated to the cause. She again inquired after the health of the "son" He hesitated and went onto a "practiced" speech of the ailments of his son, followed by a history of himself and hi inability to support his countless sons and wife. The lady of the house took pity and gave him something for his misery, judging by the smile on his face, she must have donated quite a sum. He hurried out and went into the next. This kept on for sometime. Comes lunch time, he goes into a house, and comes out. Not the same old desolete man. But dressed in nice clean almost new clothes, walked briskly with no sign of a limp into a fancy restaurant. I could not believe my own eyes. He sat down with three other men. They inquired after his "business". He replied "going great, I topped yesterday's record today". Ah, I said to Zues, thats what makes you laugh. Human misery and manipulation, you can only see the finest in the Maldives. This is my amusement these days, Greece is so boring compared to the tiny Maldives, where the daily human drama and amusement was plenty. But watch some more, and laugh no more!I looked down again, this time, another man with the same kinda book was making the rounds in the same neighbourhood. He wasn't as old or as garsihly dressed as the former. By the looks on his face, he wasn't doing too well. He went into the previously "exploited" household and asked the lady of the house. She replied, I already helped out a guy today, I can't afford to support all of you!. He finished his rounds and went to a big buidling with a red roof. I assume some kind of medical facility. The minute he walked in, he saw a group of people hugging. moaning and wailing. By his reaction, I assume it was his relatives or friends. He rushed to them and joined in the hysteria. It seemed, his son has just passed away (God bless his soul). I turned to Zues and told him to put a sock in it, for I had seen enough!