Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Top 10 Reasons why Maldives want Drug Addicts in Prison

10. Partisan Politics - We are against anything that any other political party(or not) is for

09. ..We have a law on drugs, we have a center, so everything is going smooth why change?

08. Gym Coach Mentality - The only solution is 'getting tough', treatment isn't tough enough

07. Think of how many MDP/opposition members woudn't be in Prison

06. Rehabilitation costs too much - and think of all the Rich elite who need MORE money!

05. More partison politics - We the government cannot afford to be seen as soft on drugs

04. Competitive Zeal - we are number one at arresting people for drug offences in the region

03. Tolerance is bad - We should be serious about punishment because we are becoming too tolerant folks

02. War Mentality - If we stop sending them to prison now, then the addicts would have won.

And the number one reason

01. The compassionate Maldivian Public - Let them rot in Jail! they are filth, we should kill them

Ah, to be a Maldivian