Friday, 29 December 2006

Faith N Me

Recent dialouges about religious freedom in Maldives got me thinking. Do we really need to keep holding on to the 100% muslim title? I believe that I am a muslim, and if given the choice, I would still keep on being a muslim. So why don't we get rid of the 100% muslim facade in the maldives and give people their choice excercise their god given freedom of choice? wisdom and will? Are we afraid that most people will give up their religion? If so, is it really your responsibility to do something about it?

lets go back in time. When we were going to school, we had a subject called Islam. during that 25 or 35 mins, all we were taught were all those wars that were fought and how men had right to have 4 wives. I mean is this all Islam is about?? A question and answer period was never heard of. In SEC when the more daring asked questions, they were asked to leave the classroom. If you think about it, we were misled in the name of Islam. And now, I have no idea what rubbish is taught by all the "know it alls" of the trade.

Coming back to the topic. God gave us a brain to think, so use it! . The way I see it , there is nothing to debate about. As it is, people follow what they want. And there is no stopping it. If we as kids were given a better religious education, in a more interactive, interesting form, most individuals nowadays would have a more clear understanding of what Islam is about.

Say no to forced religious beliefs. Be free to think, free to choose. Inshal Allah, the right path will be shown.